Areas of Expertise

ERSE software development will fulfil your needs no matter what sort of work you do.

Custom Software Development Services

Custom software development is the process by which software is designed, developed, implemented and maintained for a specified type of users, functions or any organizations. Custom software development is aimed at a narrowly defined set of requirements, in contrast to commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS).

ERSE delivers high-quality custom software development to a wide range of customers-from start-up organizations to fortune 500.

Ready Made Software Services

Any organization’s growth brings with it ever more complex data processing needs. Today’s organizations choose to integrate ready-made or commercial off-the-shelf software. Ready-made software provides organizations with many significant advantages, for example (Low Cost, quick Procurement, Fast Implementation, Fully Responsive, Low Risk, Easy Maintenance, Track Record).

Software Product Development Services

ERSE team of professionals assists customers throughout the entire lifecycle of product development, from product research, design, and development to quality control and maintenance activities.

Cloud Software Development Services

At ERSE Cloud software, or Cloud App, is a software program where cloud-based and local components work together. This model is based on remote servers for logic processing, accessed through a web browser with continuous internet access.

Software Enhancement & Modernization Services

At ERSE, all we need is to re-design a complicated software solution with the proven methodology of our experts. Our professionals are going to build a solution that you can use – but not one that you’re stuck with.

Enterprise Software Development Services

Enterprise Software Development is designed to meet the needs of an organization that already exists and a system (maybe a manual) that is in place.

ERSE experts can design enterprise software based on an environment within an organization that is where it is to be used and where it is going to meet a goal.

Web Application Development Services

Web application development is the creation of application programs that belong to remote servers and are presented over the Internet to the user’s device.
ERSE has developed solutions for almost every type of industry out there.

Software Mentainence Services

ERSE provides continuous support to Organizations to keep their ongoing software secure and up-to-date. Our highly experienced maintenance & support team provides full-cycle, full-featured maintenance and support for any Software and organization out there.

Database Solution

The Database Application Development area in the software development industry is the biggest and widest. ERSE experts specialized in software development as our analysts, developers and deployment professionals have extensive experience in the development of a database solution.

How We Do It

Understanding your Business

Tell us your requirements, the desired features, the business strategies used, and we willdevelop software for you. Our software is customizable and flexible enough to allow you to adapt easily down the road.

In Depth Discussion

We begin every relationship with an in-depth discussion for your project’s short- and longterm desires


At ERSE, we believe in the Scrum framework, where everyone innovatively and productivelyworks together to resolve challenging problems. Each project should have a scrum masterwho links the development team to the customer, ensuring consistency and smoothness ofthe entire process.

Requirement Analysis

Our professionals will review any hidden requirements, and your current codebase, If youhave one. To ensure project success, we need to know your goals and understand yourexisting software. This also makes sure the smooth running of the development stage.

Create an Effective Action Plan

At the end of this process, ERSE is working with you to create a development plan to fit your goals, schedule and operating budget.

Project Management

The Project Manager / Scrum Master will be appointed from the first day 1 to solve any projectnrelated issues that may arise in the process. Our project manager/scrum master will work side by side with you as your primary contact point. We prefer to divide the project into a few iterations. The iterative approach offers the following advantages:


Every project is completed on time and within a budget. By delivering continuously, you will be able to track project progress frequently increases transparency.


Each delivery reopens all the relevant discussions to validate that all requirements are completed according to acceptance criteria


Each delivery can be used immediately and might contain some expected project functions.We highly recommend using Scrum to build your custom software. From our experience, Scrum provides the best framework for developing high-quality software.

Technology Expertise

Differentiation in the ERSE is not a result of the technologies which we use. It’s the way we are usingthem. We have a strong and revered process of development, and our solutions are designed toadhere to that process

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